AYCE Dinner

 Soup & Salad

SS1Miso Soup
SS2Spicy Miso Soup
SS3Onion Soup
SS4Japanese Dumpling Soup
SS6Green Salad
SS7Seaweed Salad
SS8Mizu Salad
SS9Fish Skin Salad
SS10Cold Tofu



A2Spring Roll (2Pcs)
A3Grilled Pork Chop
A4Grilled Chicken Chop
A5Cheese Wonton (2Pcs)
A6Chicken Wing (2Pcs)
A7Spiced Chicken Wings (2Pcs)
A8BBQ Chicken Wings (2Pcs)
A9Deep Fried Eggplant
A10Deep Fried Tofu (2Pcs)
A11Deep Fried Scallop (2Pcs)


A12Deep Fried Gyoza (2Pcs)
A13Golden Shrimp (5Pcs)
A14Beef Skewer (2Pcs)
A15Chicken Skewer (2Pcs)
A16Tempura Calamari
A17Pop Chicken
A18Fried Chicken Finger
A19Coconut Steamed Rice

Teriyaki & Grilled

T1Chicken Teriyaki
T2Salmon Teriyaki 
T3Squid Teriyaki 
T4Beef Teriyaki
T5Short Rib Teriyaki
T6Tofu Teriyaki
T7Mizu Beef Teriyaki HotPepper
T8Stir Fried Vegetables
T9Mushroom with Butter
T10Butter Baby Shrimp
T11Diced Beef with Garlic
T12Onion Beef Roll (2Pcs)
T13Enoki Mushroom Beef Roll (2Pcs)
T14Grilled Asparagus in Bacon Roll (2Pcs)
T15Shrimp Pan Cake
T16Chicken Pan Cake
T17Vegetable Pan Cake


T18Assorted Vegetables (6Pcs)
T19Shrimps (2Pcs)
T20Crab (2 Pcs)
T21Eggplant (2Pcs)
T22Pumpkin (2Pcs)
T23Mushroom (2Pcs)
T24Sweet Potato (2Pcs)
T25Broccoli (2Pcs)
T26Zucchini (2Pcs)


Japanese Fried Rice

R1Chicken Fried Rice
R2Pineapple Fried Rice
R3Vegetable Fired Rice
R4Plain Fired Rice
R5Chicken Fried Rice
R6Pineapple Fried Rice
R7Vegetable Fired Rice
R8Plain Fired Rice

Thai Fried Rice

TH1Thai Chicken Fried Rice
TH2Thai Beef Fried Rice
TH3Thai Shrimp Fried Rice
TH4Thai Vegetable Fried Rice
TH5Thai Plain Fried Rice

Pad Thai

P1Chicken Pad Thai
P2Beef Pad Thai
P3Shrimp Pad Thai
P4Vegetable Pad Thai
P5Plain Pad Thai


U1Chicken Udon
U2Beef Udon
U3Seafood Udon
U4Vegetable Udon
U5Mizu Udon
U6Plain Udon

Thai Wok

TT1Onion Chicken
TT2Onion Beef
TT3Onion Shrimp
TT4Black Pepper Chicken
TT5Black Pepper Beef
TT6Black Pepper Shrimp
TT7Red Curry Chicken
TT8Red Curry Beef
TT9Red Curry Shrimp
TT10Green Curry Chicken
TT11Green Curry Beef
TT12Green Curry Shrimp
TT13Mango Chicken
TT14Mango Shrimp
TT15Coconut Chicken
TT16Coconut Shrimp
TT17Thai Crispy Chicken
TT18Butter Vegetables
TT19Sweet & Sour Tofu

Japanese Ramen

JR1Chicken Ramen
JR2Beef Ramen
JR3Shrimp Ramen
JR4Vegetables Ramen
JR5Plain Ramen


SA2White Tuna
SA3Red Snapper
SA4Surf Clam
SA5Crab Stick


Sushi (1Pc)

SU2Spicy Salmon HotPepper
SU3Red Snapper
SU4Spicy Crabmeat HotPepper
SU5White Tuna
SU6Red Tuna
SU9Surf Clam
SU10Crab Stick
SU11Bean Curb

Simple Maki (6Pcs)

M2Spicy Salmon HotPepper
M3Spicy White Tuna HotPepper
M4Spicy Tuna HotPepper
M5Spicy Crab Meat HotPepper
M6Spicy Crispy HotPepper
M7Spicy Broccoli HotPepper
M8Crab Stick
M9Peanut Avocado
M10Sweet Potato
M13Avocado & Cucumber
M14Crispy Avocado Bean Curb
M15Crispy Avocado
M16Crispy Cheese Bean Curb
M17Strawberry Mango
M18Strawberry Banana
M19Mango Banana
M22Salmon Tempura
M23White Fish Tempura
M24Crab Tempura
M25Salmon Avocado
M26Chicken Teriyaki
M27Salmon Skin
M28BBQ Eel
M29Golden Shrimp


Mizu Special House Roll

MS1Dynamite Roll (4Pcs)
(Shrimp Tempura Avocado, Cucumber, Tempura Bit Mayo and Eel Sauce)
MS2Spicy Dynamite Roll (4Pcs) HotPepper
(Shrimp Tempura Avocado, Cucumber, Tempura Bit & Spicy Mayo
MS3Green Dragon (4Pcs)
(Dynamite Roll with Avocado on Top and Eel Sauce)
MS4Gold Dragon (4Pcs)
(Dynamite Roll with Salmon on Top and Eel Sauce)
MS5Veggie Dragon (4Pcs)
(Sweet Potato, Asparagus, Avocado on Top)
MS6Mizu Roll (4Pcs) HotPepper
(Spicy Salmon, Mango, Shrimp Tempura, Tempura Bit, Avocado, Wrapped with Rice Paper)
MS7Rainbow Roll (6Pcs)
(California Roll topped with Assorted Raw Fish)
MS8Spider Roll (4Pcs)
(Soft Shell Crab, Tobiko, Avocado, Cucumber, Mayo and Eel Sauce)
MS9Moon Roll (6Pcs)
(Cream Cheese, White Tuna, Topped with Snapper)
MS10Sakura Roll (4Pcs)
(Spicy Mayo, Crab Stick, Tempura Bit and Avocad
MS11Mango Roll (6Pcs)
(Mango, Crabmeat, Tempura Bit, Topped with Avocado & Mango Sauce)
MS12Veggie Explosion (6Pcs)
(Avocado, Cucumber, Topped with Sweet Potato & Honey)
MS13Fire Dragon (4Pcs)
(Dynamite Roll with Spicy Tuna on Top)
MS14Golden California (8Pcs)
(Deep Fried California with Special Sauce and Mayo)
MS15Pink Lady (6Pcs)
(Spicy Crabmeat, Tempura Bit Topped with Smoked Salmon)
MS16Volcano Roll (4Pcs)
(Deep Fried Assorted Raw Fish: with Spicy Sauce and Eel Sauce)
MS17Rock Roll (5Pcs)
(Cucumber, Cream Cheese, Tempura Shrimp & Eel Sauce)
MS18Three Colour Roll (6Pcs)
(Salmon, Mango and Cheese)


Sushi Pizza (6Pcs)

SP2Spicy Crab HotPepper
SP3Spicy Salmon HotPepper
SP4BBQ Eel HotPepper
SP5Spicy Tuna HotPepper
SP6Spicy Vegetable HotPepper

Weekend Special

(Only For Weekend & Holiday Dinner)

W1Crystal Shrimp Dumpling (2Pcs)
W2Siu Mai (2Pcs)
W3Brother Roll (4Pcs)
W4Shrimp Skewers (2Pcs)
W5Sashimi Beef (6Pcs)


D1Green Tea Ice Cream
D2Red Bean Ice Cream
D3Mango Ice Cream
D4Vanilla Ice Cream
D5Deep Fried Banana
D6Coconut Pudding
D7Taro Pudding
D8Mango Pudding